Powerful, Finely Tuned Analytics

Built on top of a custom, finely tuned & incredibly powerful database, Edgemesh stores and processes unabridged analytics at the finest level of granularity available in the market.

Real User Metrics... Reimagined

Edgemesh doesn't just collect Real User Metrics data - it uses this information in real time to detect, adapt and optimize the loading experience for every customer.

Don't just measure performance, adaptively improve it with automated pre-caching and intelligent pre-loading.

Edgemesh's detailed real user metrics show us exactly how much of a speed boost customers will experience, and the integrated Google Analytics views reflect the increase in revenue due to the new performance adds. Edgemesh provides one of the best ROIs of any SaaS we use.
Brian Purkiss
eCommerce Manager

Expert Insights & Advice for Ongoing Optimization

From onboarding to monthly health checks, our web performance experts do a deep dive into your site's metrics to identify opportunities to deliver even faster user experiences. Schedule your one on one today.

Not Just Data. Insight.

Edgemesh uses real customer experience data to intelligently optimize your site in real time. Edgemesh's User Metrics not only capture performance metrics, but we use this information to build automated intelligent optimization strategies for true insight.

See how your site performance stacks up against others, track your performance metrics over time and identify third-party issues affecting performance.

How It Works

Simple, Fast Implementation

Our insights are driven by our browser based enhancements that can be implemented quickly and easily - it's almost as simple as flipping a switch.

Metrics and Analytics

Edgemesh then collects anonymous, GDPR compliant performance metrics for every user of your site. Unlike google analytics we don't sample and we don't remove outliers. Instead, we capture everything and report median statistics with outlier events. All the metrics collected are available to query via one of our APIs. You can also visit the portal to see real time statistics displayed in easily consumable chart and configure your email report content and frequency.

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