Site Performance.
Turned to 11.

Get industry leading performance. Delivered as a Service.

Performance, Control and Security
All in One Line of Code

Get a world class performance upgrade, extend your organization's control to the browser and give your security and compliance teams new tools to make life easier. All with zero infrastructure changes.

Next-Generation Performance

Edgemesh is an Enterprise-grade managed Service Worker, a powerful feature built into the browser that allows you to control the client side experience.

Edgemesh adds intelligent, automated and adaptive realtime client side pre-caching to any website that accelerates page performance by up to 200%.


Real Insights with Advanced Performance Analytics

Analyze the performance experience for every customer, on every device in any geography with the worlds most advanced Real User Metrics client. Edgemesh's integrated RUM (Real User Metrics) analytics not only gives your team a 360 degree view of customer experience but also integrates with your existing tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics).


Control the Client Side

Edgemesh extends you team's control beyond your own infrastructure. With Edgemesh you can directly purge, update and manage your customer's browser cache - instantly.

Extend Edgemesh with powerful client side routing logic. Enable Multi-CDN support , dynamic content removal for GDPR /CCP policies and intelligent browser based load balancing.


AI Powered Adaptive Caching

Unlike legacy real user metrics clients which only measure page performance Edgemesh using cutting edge client side features to measure and improve site performance automatically.

Edgemesh uses an advanced Machine Learning system to predict where your customers will click next, and uses that information to pre-Cache content in the customer's browser before they need it.

With Edgemesh, your site is always one step ahead.


Increase Conversion Rate and Decrease Bounce Rate.

Faster sites convert more customers, it's that simple. Edgemesh enabled sites often see a 20% or more increase in conversion rate, a 35% or more decrease in bounce rate and a material increase in overall search and ad quality scores. In short - Speed Matters.


Speed as a Service

Edgemesh automates many of the functions a world class engineering team would perform by hand. A typical customer would require 200+ hours of effort every month, to achieve the same level of optimization Edgemesh provides automatically.

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