Don't Let Bought Traffic Become Bot Traffic

Your ad spend is one of your most important investments, protect it with Edgemesh.

The Good and the Bad

We’ve integrated bot-detection into every page request with zero performance impact on page load times. Not all bots are bad bots — crawlers like the GoogleBot are critical to site performance, and Edgemesh differentiates between verified bots (good bots) and non-verified bots (bad bots).

Edgemesh's Ad Protect features provide deep insight into wasted spend on a per source, per medium and even on a per campaign level. With BTAG, our industry leading realtime protection system, you can seamlessly integrate Edgemesh's bot intelligence into your retargeting platforms - ensuring that future bad actors no longer even see ads to click.

We finally have visibility as what the actual volume of fraud is.
Kyle Brucculeri
VP of Ecommerce

A New Approach for Better Protection

With traditional bot blocking, there’s a chance you might end up blocking real user traffic. So we took a new approach - Bot Tagging (BTAG). BTAG uses bot information to seamlessly redirect the request of a bad bot to a special subpath. Once they visited the BTAG version of the site you have a simple way to identify these bad actors and exclude them from future targeting.

Increase Your Return on Ad Spend in Under Five Minutes

Edgemesh’s Ad Protect not only detects fraudulent clicks, but allows you to de-target bad actors all together to protect your ad-spend across every channel. 

Five minutes of setup for automatic real-time protection and ROAS increases.

How It Works

The Next Generation of Ad Fraud Protection

Ad Protect analyzes the network and the history of user actions to automatically detect bots and users that continually click on ads, but do not generate conversions. It takes about 4 milliseconds to detect the machine trying to act like a person and redirects the click to a subpath. Using the retargeting systems of the advertising system like Google and Facebook, Ad Protect recognizes that the subpath in which the click is routed should not receive an ad.

The retargeting method is the most powerful part of the ad system, and we use that to filter out the bad traffic.

Ad Protect keeps track of the ad-click rate per visitor, and once it is crossing a threshold, automatically tags that user and IP address. Simply integrate the tag with your ad platforms to automatically exclude bad actors from future ad-campaigns.

Get real-time adaptive campaign protection across any platform that supports retargeting such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Criteo, Microsoft Bing, and TikTok.

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